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October 15, 2020
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TxCDBG Announcement: Application Guides for Program Year 2021

TDA is pleased to announce the release of several competitive grant applications for the upcoming 2021 Texas Community Development Block Grant (TxCDBG) Program.

2021-2022 Community Development Fund
The Community Development Fund is the largest fund category in the TxCDBG Program. This fund is available on a biennial basis and funds projects in each of the 24 state planning regions. Although most funds are used for Public Facilities (water/wastewater infrastructure, street and drainage improvements and housing activities), there are numerous other activities for which these funds may be used.
For CD Application Guide, click HERE

2021-2022 Colonia Fund: Construction program
This competition directs funding to unincorporated border communities that lack basic infrastructure. The federal colonia set aside is intended to meet basic human needs in qualifying colonia communities.
For CFC Application Guide, click HERE

2021 Downtown Revitalization Program
This competition provides for improvements in downtown areas to address blighted conditions and encourage local economic development. The program includes a set-aside for Main Street communities, and most commonly funds sidewalk improvements and related accessibility issues.
For DRP Application Guide, click HERE

Application Workshop
The first of several webinars to introduce and provide technical assistance for these application cycles will be held as follows:
Thursday, November 19, 2020
1:00 pm (Central)
Link to join the GoToMeeting platform will be posted to the TDA website, HERE
Registration is not required prior to the meeting

  • Applications for all three competitions are due on May 3, 2021.
    • Apublic hearing is one of the first steps in the grant process, and we encourage communities to begin immediately to include public participation in the grant selection process. With coordinated timelines, all three programs can be discussed in the same public meeting and certain tasks related to application preparation can be coordinated.
    • However, please remember that each project must stand alone and cannot depend on completion of a separate project in order to be successful.
  • Applications will be accepted through TDA’s upcoming grant management system, called TDA-GO!
    • We are very excited to see this opportunity taking shape – the system will go live for applicants’ use after the first of the year. Training and technical assistance will be available to assist with the transition to this format.
    • The period before the system is released should be spent in project development – public participation, selection of administrative and engineering service providers, cost estimates, collection of beneficiary documentation, etc.
    • Information about TDA’s Pre-Qualified Administrative Services procurement process can be found HERE. The list of service providers that participate in this process is updated periodically.
  • Application guides have been reformatted to be more user-friendly.
    • Fund-specific information is presented in Part I of each guide.
    • Standard program requirements are presented in Parts II and III, and do not vary between the fund categories.
    • Additional information on the TxCDBG program and HUD requirements remains available for reference either within the document and appendices or in other materials posted to TDA’s website.