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Our Vision

Better Leaders
Better Lives

We believe that by being better leaders, by training better leaders, and by supporting better leaders, we will build better lives.

Improving Quality of Life is in TCOG's organizational DNA. It is what we do, our mission. It is who we are, our purpose.

Better Leaders Building Better Lives is our vision to build quality of life in a more meaningful and more sustainable way for all Texomans. It is our game plan for bringing additional resources to our region; for growing our organization and expanding our services and programs; for making life better for more people. This effort is essential, as growth and progress in Texoma will ultimately be measured by the quality of life we offer.

Our vision will make TCOG a regional center of excellence, a model organization that sets the bar for performance for COGs across the country. Because of our leadership and high performance, TCOG will be an incubator for new state and federal development programs. We will pilot new projects that will teach other organizations how to implement policy and programs in a more efficient and effective way, so that each dollar spent generates an even higher quality of life for the citizens of our region.

As the subject matter experts and policy leaders for each program we deliver, TCOG will be able to secure abundant and sustainable resources for our tri-county area, enabling us to touch more lives and help more people.

Building quality of life requires leaders: inspired leaders who can see a bigger vision; committed leaders who believe the vision will be achieved; and courageous leaders who endure challenges, overcome obstacles, and transform the vision into reality. TCOG is dedicated to building quality of life through inspired, committed, and courageous leadership. If your organization is a partner in the quest to improve quality of life, we invite you to join us in being Better Leaders Building Better Lives.

To learn more about TCOG's vision for the future of Texoma and how you can help transform the vision into reality, contact us today.

Foundation Principles


TCOG leaders are committed to our team, to the organization and to our mission.

We are committed to living our leadership foundation, holding each other accountable to that foundation, growing ourselves as leaders, growing our staff as leaders, and growing our clients as leaders.


TCOG leaders define integrity as having our thoughts, words, and actions in alignment within ourselves.

That is personal integrity, and within our group, that is team integrity. Our thoughts are in alignment: we believe in our mission and vision. Our words are in alignment: we preach our mission and vision. Our actions are in alignment: we implement our mission and vision.


TCOG leaders are not afraid to make tough decisions for the betterment of our team, our organization, or our region.

We are willing to work outside of our comfort zone; we are willing to step out on the wobbly bridge, despite challenges, obstacles, uncertainty, and even fear.


Getting your team to open up and be vulnerable, to put their strengths and weaknesses on the table in front of each other,

and to address those issues honestly so the team understands each other and can better complement each other all in the name of achieving higher purpose and a higher calling.


TCOG leaders support each other. We have the Three Musketeers mentality: all for one, and one for all.

We ask for support when we need it; we provide support when it's requested; we help each other and we help the people we serve.


TCOG leaders acknowledge victories.

We lift up success stories among our staff, and intentionally set aside time to recognize our accomplishments. We operate in a high-energy, high-intensity, high-expectation environment, and we operate with limited and constrained resources.

Occasionally, we have to stop, take a breather, and simply celebrate our achievements. We celebrate as a way to refresh the team, refuel the tanks and get back to the business of building quality of life.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

Executive Director

Eric Bridges

Executive Director


Senior Leadership Team