TCOG Matters to Schools

Pockets of Poverty
TCOG Study Looks For “Pockets of Poverty”
June 23, 2014
Fraud Alert: Social Security 211
Fraud Alert: Social Security 211
July 2, 2014

TCOG Matters to Schools

In 2013, TCOG supported over $233k in tax revenue for schools.

Here are 8 more reasons how area school districts benefit from a TCOG membership:


TCOG Matters to Schools

Prepared to learn

TCOG’s Grandparents As Parents program counseled, supported & provided school supplies for children in 35 grandparent-headed families.

TCOG Matters to Schools

Happy homes

TCOG provides safe and affordable housing through Section 8 to 462 children.

TCOG Matters to Schools

Safer environment

TCOG provides schools with 9-1-1 education and outreach opportunities.

TCOG Matters to Schools

Cleaner environment

TCOG provides classroom demonstrations on composting and recycling.

TCOG Matters to Schools

Warm beds in winter

TCOG weatherized homes and paid utility bills for 774 Texoma families with 1,082 children.


TCOG Matters to Schools

Extra attention for students

TCOG’s Foster Grandparents assist and support teachers by tutoring, mentoring, and encouraging Texoma’s special needs students.


TCOG Matters to Schools

Targeted referrals

School counselors and administrators are often the go-to people for children and families that are in crisis.

Dial 2-1-1 and TCOG will provide you with appropriate information and referrals to assist those families.

TCOG Matters to Schools

Current technology

School administrators need access to current technology and data to allocate limited resources and plan for the future.

TCOG can provide maps, current demographic and geographic data, and research support to administrators.

Is your school district a member?

Check out our membership directory to see if your school district has a current membership. If your school district is not listed, your community and students may be missing out on some of these benefits. Contact your school board representatives and let them know you want the benefits of a TCOG membership.