15th Annual Texoma Earth Day Festival
April 12, 2023
WAP Inspector
May 3, 2023
15th Annual Texoma Earth Day Festival
April 12, 2023
WAP Inspector
May 3, 2023

TxCDBG Announces 2023 Application Reminder

Applications for the following TxCDBG grant cycles are due next week, May 3rd, 2023!

  • 2023-2024 Community Development Fund (CDV)
  • 2023 Downtown Revitalization Program, including Main Street Set-Aside (CDM)
  • 2023 Colonia Fund Construction Program (CFC)

All applications must be submitted through the TDA-GO online grant management system.  If you have prepared application materials and have NOT yet begun entering the information into the system, we encourage you to begin immediately.  TDA staff is available to assist with any issues that you encounter with user accounts, data concerns, error checks, digital signatories, etc. through 5:00pm on Wednesday May 3.

  • For technical assistance with system access or login processes: tda-go@texasagriculture.gov
  • For technical assistance with the content of the application: CDBGapps@texasagriculture.gov
  • While the system will accept applications until 11:59pm, TDA staff will not be available to respond to technical assistance requests submitted after 5:00pm on the application due date.

Citizen Participation

To be eligible for consideration, applications must document the citizen participation as described in the Application Guide.  These requirements include:

  • Public hearing, conducted on or after August 1, 2022;
  • Resolution by local governing body authorizing submission of the application – this resolution must be passed after the public hearing; and
  • Notice of application availability for public review, published/posted no later than April 28, 2023.

Signatory Resolution

TxCDBG applications and grant agreements require a resolution from the local governing body authorizing specific individuals and/or positions to take action on behalf of the community.  TDA provided a sample resolution that can be used for all open grants in TDA-GO.  This resolution must be adopted prior to the application due date.    Only those named in the resolution will be permitted to take action in TDAGO on behalf of the community.

SAM Registration

TxCDBG applicants must demonstrate an active registration in the System for Award Management (SAM) to be eligible for funding.  Current policy requires evidence of an active registration to be submitted with the application to be considered complete.  To extend additional flexibility, TDA is willing to consider additional time for communities currently in the SAM registration/renewal process if the application includes:

  • A narrative describing the Applicant’s efforts to register or renew its registration, which have been ongoing since at least February 1, 2023, and requesting additional time to complete the process; and
  • Screenshots or other documentation of those efforts to complete the registration or renewal.

Beneficiary Documentation

Each application for TxCDBG funding must include clear documentation of the persons served by the project for each benefit area.  This documentation must be substantially complete at the time the application is submitted and include a clear explanation of how each Benefit Area is determined.  For the 2023 applications, TDA will consider allowing Applicants to submit clarifying information that also includes minor corrections for beneficiary data that would be improved with technical assistance from TDA.

  • TDA may in its sole discretion determine that the beneficiary documentation provided is both substantially complete AND would be improved to be more consistent with TDA interpretation of the service area with minimal corrections.
  • Beneficiary documentation will be considered substantially incomplete and cannot be corrected for:
    • Failure to document 51% LMI persons.
    • Failure to document 80% response rate.
    • Use of LMISD data for a project where a survey is required.
    • Survey corrections that require new questionnaires to be completed after the application deadline.
    • Survey corrections that are more than “minor” – TDA will consider both the number of questionnaires involved and the percent of beneficiaries not accurately accounted for to make this determination.
  • The work requested in the submitted application will NOT be adjusted to account for otherwise incomplete beneficiary documentation.
  • TDA will not accept “placeholder” applications with poor documentation to be corrected at a later date.