COVID-19 Impact on Employment
August 9, 2022
Housing Affordability – Supportive Housing
August 9, 2022

Workforce & Labor Market Conditions


Understanding workforce conditions is a critical step to building a skilled workforce that spurs business competitiveness and economic growth. Labor market information guides community leaders as they strengthen career pathways and guide skill attainment for good jobs, economic opportunities, and career growth. A focus on workforce solutions can position a community to attract businesses, retain companies already located in the community, and expand their economy. The purpose of this report is to understand (1) What key indicators for workforce and labor market conditions in the community, (2) What the labor market looks like in the community, and (3) What defines a community labor force and how it relates to jobs. Key insights into the workforce and labor market in the community include: Labor force in relation to jobs, Top industries and occupations, Employee wages, Educational attainment, and slack in the workforce.