Job Opening – Section 8 Housing Specialist
September 1, 2023

Job Opening – Finance Director


The Finance Director is a ‘working Director position’ responsible for and overseeing all activities, functions and operations of the COG’s Finance Department including all aspects of financial, and procurement operations.  Responsible for managing and directing cash management, grant accounting, grant & contract compliance, and procurement of goods and services.


  1. Reports to: Executive Director
  2. Directs: Finance Department Staff
  3. Other: Collaborates with COG staff, outside auditors, federal, state and local agencies and officials, COG Governing Body, and the general public.


The essential duties of this position include but are not limited to the following performance measures:

  1. Must exercise authority to ensure an adequate financial system is maintained to meet the requirements of all funding agencies;
  2. Must exercise authority to ensure the financial system provides the adequate reporting for the funding agencies, the Executive Director, staff and Governing Board;
  3. Must exercise authority to ensure that an accounting and financial procedures manual is prepared and maintained to define all operations of the Finance Department and how operations are carried out;
  4. Must exercise authority over depository relationship and ensures that all security pledge requirements are met;
  5. Must develop purchasing policies and procedures in compliance with state and federal policies and grantor requirements. Must work in concert with Department Directors and Program Managers on matters involving purchasing, procurement, and request for proposals/qualifications;
  6. Must supervise accounting activities for all programs, including procurement, account reconciliation, and property/equipment management;
  7. Must manage the annual audit and all monitoring reports by funding agencies and prepare responses of any audit exceptions with the Executive Director;
  8. Must prepare and manage the annual budget and cost allocation plan;
  9. Must oversee and manage the accounting, investment, disbursement, financial, and budget reporting;
  10. Must maintain direct communications with the Executive Director regarding activities occurring within the Finance Department;
  11. Must direct departmental staff, including assigning and planning work, ensuring training, evaluating performance and making recommendations on hiring, firing, and disciplining;
  12. Must monitor expenditures and verify accuracy as a precursor to program compliance/reporting activities;
  13. Must develop and maintain fiscal internal control procedures and accounting and financial management;
  14. Must ensure accurate and timely reporting of financial results of operations, including preparing monthly, annual and ad hoc financial reports;
  15. Must ensure timely preparation of requisitions, requests for payments, and similar documents to funding agencies;
  16. Must ensure timely reimbursement of subcontractors and payments to suppliers;
  17. Must ensure compliance with federal and state laws and regulations regarding records management;
  18. Must ensure compliance with investment policy as approved by the Governing Board.
  19. Must uniformly and consistently execute policies and procedures adopted by the Governing Board.

Other Important Duties and Responsibilities: Perform other duties and responsibilities as required or assigned.


  • Must have knowledge of and experience in governmental fund accounting at the state and federal levels
  • Must have good organizational skills
  • Must have a working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs
  • Must be able to multi-task and work cooperatively with others
  • Must be able to work with people of many cultural backgrounds
  • Must be able to learn the software(s) required for this position
  • Must be dependable and able to understand and accept any responsibility assigned
  • Must have previous work experience or education in a related area.
  • Must maintain complete and accurate records
  • Must be able to supervise and motivate employees
  • Must be able to demonstrate proficiency in both oral and written communication
  • Must be able to operate standard office equipment
  • Must be able to initiate working relationships with local, state and federal partners
  • Must be able to work extended hours


Master’s degree in accounting, finance or a related field, plus a minimum of 6 years of progressive professional accounting/finance experience, or equivalent combination of education and experience including supervisory experience; government accounting experience preferred.


Appropriate driver’s license or available alternate means of transportation.


$88,191 – $118,673
Dependent upon qualifications (Full-time exempt)